The difference between the prices in a dollar roll on the two settlement dates. The drop is expressed in 32nds. The drop is the price that the buyer of the dollar roll pays to the seller for the right to own the mortgage security and receive its cash flows during the term of the transaction. American Banker Glossary
Refers to over-the-counter trading. Remove from OTC trading list; hence, no longer making a market in a security. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary

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I. drop drop 1 [drɒp ǁ drɑːp] verb dropped PTandPPX dropping PRESPARTX
1. [intransitive] to fall to a lower level or amount:
drop to/​from

• Second quarter earnings this year dropped to $157 million from $182 million.

• Stock prices dropped sharply today.

• The dollar dropped against the Japanese yen today.

• Demand has dropped by 7%.

2. [transitive] to stop doing or planning something:

• Plans to expand the business have been quietly dropped.

• She was persuaded to drop the harassment lawsuit.

3. [transitive] informal to lose money in business, a game etc:

• He dropped £1000 on the stockmarket.

4. [transitive] COMPUTING to place words, a picture etc into a particular computer document with the mouse:

• Either drag and drop the page into a message or choose Send Page from under the File menu.

drop off also drop away phrasal verb [intransitive] MARKETING
to become lower in level or amount:

• Sales have dropped off in recent months.

• With the strong pound, tourism has dropped off.

— see also drop-off
  [m0] II. drop drop 2 noun [countable usually singular]
if there is a drop in the amount, level, or number of something, it goes down or becomes less:

• Yesterday saw a sharp drop in stock prices.

drop in

• Business is expecting a drop in interest rates later this year.

• The club has suffered a dramatic drop in profits.

• The first quarter total shows a drop from the same quarter last year.

— see also leaflet drop, mail drop

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drop UK US /drɒp/ verb (-pp-)
[I or T] to become lower in level, value, price, etc.: »

In November, prices continued to drop while property sale times lengthened.


drop dramatically/sharply/significantly

drop 10%/10 points/10p, etc. »

Like-for-like sales dropped 8%.

drop by sth »

The cost of the technology is still high but has dropped by half in the last 6 months.

drop to sth »

The total volume of the country's crude exports dropped to 10.3 million barrels.

drop below sth »

Unemployment may drop below the symbolic 1 million mark before long.

[T] to reduce something such as a price: »

Many companies will drop prices in order to get your business.

drop sth by £10/10%, etc. »

The supermarket is dropping the price of its milk by 1p per pint.

drop sth to sth »

After the house had been on the market for six months, the asking price was dropped to £750,000.

[T] to stop doing or planning something: »

drop a case/lawsuit/charge


drop a plan/idea

[T] to stop using, making, or providing something: »

A spokesperson for the airline said that it will drop its flights from Denver to Detroit.


The manufacturer recently dropped its distributors in order to sell direct.

[T] INFORMAL to lose a sum of money in a business or game: »

One medium-sized investment bank is known to have dropped $10 million on a single over-the-counter derivative trade.

[T] IT to put text, a file, a picture, etc. in a particular place on a computer screen using your mouse: »

Just drag and drop the images into your presentation.

drop the ball — Cf. drop the ball
drop UK US /drɒp/ noun [C, usually singular]
a reduction in the level, value, price, etc. of something: a drop in sth »

Major supermarket chains experienced a drop in sales.

a dramatic/major/sharp drop »

He warned that stocks could take a sharp drop today.


a 10%/10 point/10p, etc. drop

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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